Music Mondays: Carla M. Sariñana Of Silver Rose

We caught up with Mexico City's finest shoe gaze dream pop queen, Carla M. Sariñana, of Silver Rose. Read on to find out how Mexico City has shaped her as an artist, a must have item in her closet, and what musical influences inspire her sound. 
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Describe your sound in 3 words.   
Nostalgic, powerful, heartfelt.
When did you start playing music?
When I was 16, my friends gave me my first bass and everything from there is history. 
Do you have a creative process when writing a song?
Not really, I generally start with very few notes, a rhythm, and once a melody works on top of it I start working on the lyrics. I write, but I generally put the words in after the music is a bit more clear. 
How has living in Mexico City shaped you as an artist?
It's really helped me in a way. The music scene here is smaller than the US, especially the independent scene. We kind of all know each other, so it helps in a way. It's fun and very inspiring – the chaos, but also magical side of Mexico City.
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Where are your favorite places to hang in Mexico City?
I generally always move in the Condesa, Roma and Del Valle. Just walking around is beautiful. 
What musicians inspire your sound?
The Black Ryder, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey.
Any advice for aspiring musicians or artists?
Don't give up, but always know that we have to know when it's working and when it's really not. Be professional and know your business. 
What's a must have item in your closet?
A Leather Jacket.
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What's next for you?
I've been doing a couple of shows around Mexico. I'm working on new songs and maybe a new video as well. 

Listen to Silver Rose here: