The History Of Cat Eye Liner + A Tutorial

From back when Cleopatra reigned to present day, eyeliner has continued to be one of the most staple pieces in makeup, and is a must to complete a look for any artsbridgeamerica girl. We wanted to dig a little deeper and see what exactly the history is behind girls wanting to have cat eyes. 

Eyeliner was first used in ancient Egypt (famously spotted on Cleopatra) by both men and women of the highest of social status , To begin with eyeliner wasn't used entirely for the sake of fashion, and Egyptians first used “kohl" to smudge around their eyes to protect them from the strong sunlight they faced everyday. They also believed it would help protect them from the "evil eye" and other bad spirits. 


It wasn't until the "Roaring Twenties" that eyeliner became prevalent in fashion. Typically, it was used amongst performers, who paired the look with big lashes so that when they performed their faces could be seen and wouldn't look washed out from the audience's view.

But as the decades rolled on it became an essential stamp to achieve the ultimate babe look. Through hundreds of year this eye makeup trend has stayed with us with no intention of ever leaving, and still remains a trademark for beauty and edge throughout the world. Since the Twenties, cat eye liner has progressed immensely shifting with each decade to form it’s own true identity.

Below is a quick little tutorial on how to perfect the look by makeup artist Eman, Enjoy babes!<3