DIY: Cold Brew Coffee

Can we all agree that your day isn't complete without coffee? We scramble every morning to get our caffeine fix on, and if that doesn’t happen we hit our favorite coffee shop. But often times the lines are long and it takes forever to get our brew; wouldn't it be nice to just have it ready to go when you wake up? Here are a few easy, lazy girl approved, ways to make overnight cold brew. 

French Press It

Items needed:

  • French press
  • Coffee beans
  • Water

STEP ONE: Grind your beans so your brew is fresh like you. Then put the ground up coffee into your french press.

STEP TWO: Add water, and leave it in the fridge overnight.

STEP THREE: When you're ready to have your coffee press it. Pour it in a cup over ice, and now you have your cold brew!

Jar Filtration

Items needed:

  • Coffee filters
  • String
  • Coffee beans (coarse grind)
  • Mason jar, or really any other enclosed jar
  • Water

With this method of making cold brew, you can make endless amount of batches, helping you survive the week.

STEP ONE: Make sure to grind your coffee on the coarsest setting. You do not want a fine grind, this will greatly affect the taste of your brew.

Side note- Cold brew taste best when you use freshly ground beans, so grind the beans right before you are going to make it. 

STEP TWO: Make little homemade tea bags using your fresh coffee grinds and coffee filters. Tie each filter filled with coffee at the top so they look like little wontons.

STEP THREE: Throw the lil wontons in your jar of choice and stick it in the fridge. Forget about it for about 12-24 hours, and depending on how strong you like your brew, you can add more or less wontons.

STEP FOUR: Your cold brew is ready for the week! If at the end of it’s brewing time you think it is too strong, you can always dilute it with some boys tears and ice.