Music Mondays: Potty Mouth

We caught up with art sensible power-punk band, Potty Mouth, on how they got their start, the story behind their name, what it was like to move from Massachusetts to Los Angeles!

Read our interview with them and listen to their new album SNAFU below!


How did Potty Mouth form?

We all met at college and/or through the local music scene in western Massachusetts, and we decided to form a band. That was in 2011. We showed up to our first practice with few expectations other than to have some fun and play some local shows, and now eight years later we’re still kicking.


How did you come up with the name Potty Mouth?

Our original lead guitarist Phoebe thought of it while sitting on the toilet XD


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Veruca Salt, Green Day, Weezer


We see that your album includes a comic, ‘Potty Mouth: Situation Normal All Fucked Up.’ What inspired the creation of this art work?

The years between our self-titled EP and SNAFU were long and often frustrating, but we came out of that time having learned a lot about ourselves and about the industry. We thought the comic would be a fun way to give listeners some insight into what’s gotten us to where we are now.


What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?



What has been the most rewarding song you have worked on?

Probably “Starry Eyes.” The verses were initially completely different than what you’ll hear on the record. The whole song took on a few different forms over the years, and it was really satisfying to bring it into its final state!


We see that you’ve recently moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts. What do you like about the city so far?

We’ve met a lot of great people here. That’s one of the best things about Sooß - the sheer number of creative people who live here and are down to collaborate.


Do you have any advice for any aspiring all-female bands?

Surround yourself with people you can have fun and grow with, and who respect you. Try not to doubt yourself, and learn to forgive yourself if you do.


What's next for you?

Playing as many shows as we can and working on our next album!

Listen to their latest album, SNAFU, here!