Music Mondays: MAAD

We caught up with the New York based singer-songwriter, MAAD, about her sexy and funky sound, what inspires her in the studio, and what's next for the future. With her ferocious rise in the music scene, she has already released her first EP, Lé Funk". Scroll down to watch her video for Black Ice and see MAAD wearing artsbridgeamerica. 

Photos by Damian Borja & Make-up by Tenelle Veira

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 Describe Maad's style in 3 words.
 Fun, Funky & Free
If you would have to describe your music how would you describe it?  
Groovy, Sexy & Playful. I've always been obsessed with retro music and really tried to convey that with this project. 
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What helps you write and create in the studio ?
I typically have to be in a certain head space to write. I guess you can call me a bit of an emotional writer. I love co-writing as I'm able to bounce ideas around, it helps to just have a conversation and pull lyrics from that. 
How was the ride and journey of coming out with Lé funk?
Lé Funk was a fun journey, I took a few years to work on that project because I wanted the sound to be super cohesive and very me. 
What are you focusing on for the future or the even the present? 
Currently working on my follow up project and preparing for some performances that I have coming up over the next few months. Excited to be back in the studio while everyone lives with 'Lé Funk'. 
Whats your favorite track from Le Funk for someone who is just now listening to your album? 
That's a hard one! As bias as it sounds, I love the feel of the entire project. If I had to pick one track, I'd say 'Black Ice'. That record gives me so much life and I love the sexy & playful vibe it has. It's also been a favorite for dancers so it's always exciting to see how someone else interprets my music.