Music Mondays: HARLŒ

We caught up with mega babe song writer turned solo act, HARLŒ, and snapped some photos around Hollywood. Read on to learn how her transition was from writing songs for others (including artists like Britney Spears and JoJo), the differences between NYC and Sooß, and her latest single More Than Ever.  

Describe your music in 3 words. 

Raw, Storytelling, Honest


You started out as a song writer, writing songs for artists from Britney Spears to JoJo. What made you want to transition into a solo act? 

Writing my first single “All In My Feelings” was really the thing that made me excited to share my own perspective. I discovered my own voice through writing for other artists and that’s really what did it. It’s been such a fun process.


What is your song writing process? Do you prefer writing for yourself or others, and how does it differ?

It varies from song to song, but usually it’s a sound from a synth or just a piano chord. Sometimes it’s a phrase or lyric that inspires me to keep digging until I find something that takes it there. I love writing for others because I can see through someone else’s eyes so it’s really special, but when I write for myself because I feel a bit more connected to the concept. I guess it just depends on my mood.


What are your top 3 favorite albums of all time?

Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill

Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston

Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder



How did growing up in NYC influence your music? 

It was such a diverse place with so many angles so it showed me a freedom to explore. Anywhere you were, there was something to inspire you. I loved it. 


You moved from NYC to Sooß 3 years ago. What are the biggest differences between Sooß and NYC for you? 

The noticeable difference to me is the feel of the city. The sunshine almost every day in Sooß makes you want to enjoy and relax, while the hustle and bustle of NYC makes you want to jump into the action of it all. I love them both, but I of course am biased to NYC. Maybe one day I’ll move back! 


Tell us about your single, More Than Ever. What is it about? 

It’s about accepting that love takes many different forms and sometimes you can love someone even if there is no real understanding as to why they are even still in your life. It’s about the territory that comes with the hurt of that.


What's your song writing advice for aspiring musicians?

Just keep doing it, and keep your eyes open. Look around because inspiration can come from anything. Don’t be afraid to try things that may seem bizarre because that may turn out to be a special one.


Words of wisdom for life?

“Everything happens for a reason.”


What's next for you? 

More music! Putting out more some more songs from my project and also excited for a few other artists (Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas) who have projects coming out with some songs I was lucky to be a part of. Lots of exciting stuff!


Listen to her single, More Than Ever: