Music Mondays: Avalon

We got the chance to interview and shoot Sooß based Chicana artist, Avalon Lurks.  This singer, songwriter, and producer takes us to a dark nostalgic daydream we don’t wanna come out of.  Influenced by her spirituality and culture, it’s clear this angel is paving her own path in the creative world.  Read our interview with her below! 

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We’re in love with your music, tell us how you got started.

Thank you. i was always obsessed with music, but I began my artistic journey as a painter and it was always inconceivable to me how musicians could create sounds, I just didn’t understand it. so it wasn’t until I was maybe 14 or so when grimes dropped “visions” and I read up on her process that it hit me I could create work all on my own. I asked for Ableton for Christmas and began saving up and acquiring synths + teaching myself how to play instruments and record myself.

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You DJ too!  How does that influence you when it comes to putting out your own music?

It gave me more of an intimate understanding of what kind of sounds/tempos/songwriting moves people and affects them. i don’t normally think of other people’s perception of my music but I definitely have love for a good pop song now. writing good pop music comes from studying it and djing definitely forces you to do that.

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You’re really rooted in your spirituality. Tell us how that plays into your writing and producing?  Do you have a topic you’re super into at the moment? (religions,death,etc)

Creation in any form is extremely sacred to me. i consider my music studio to be a sacred space and i have candles and crystal grids set up around it to promote certain energies. it’s also very important for me to sage the space and florida water myself.

At the moment, I’m trying to teach myself about astral projection and remote viewing so I’ve been collecting some books/articles/pdfs lately to learn more about it.

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Who’s your top artists on your playlist at the moment?

Madonna, dystopia, nine inch nails, blueface, yung bans, the doors, depeche, the cure and elton john

You literally do it all; write, produce, sing, direct.  What are the pros and cons in that?

I think that being able to make everything on your own takes the middleman out of the direct execution of your vision but I also believe that collaboration with the right person can bring you closer to it than anything else. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and so if things aren’t up to par for me, I have nobody to blame but myself.

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In what ways does being Chicana influence you as an artist?

Chicana is just who I am. It’s impossible to remove it from my identity as an artist because my identity as a human being is rooted in my heritage. it influences everything I do. Power to the ancestors and the elders, they show me the way.

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You came into our studio with a book we noticed :) tell us what you’re reading right now?

That was ‘Eve’s Hollywood’ by Eve Babitz, she’s one of my favorite writers and I was actually re reading that book for the 3rd time because I enjoyed so much. However, I’m reading like 10 different books simultaneously right now, I have kind of a book problem lol. ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ , ‘Energy Ecstacy’ by Bernard Gunther, ‘The Dark Dreams Of Dario Argento’, ‘Hollywood Babylon’ by Kenneth Anger are some..

Who are your all time fashion icons?

The veteranas from my neighborhood, old pictures of the veteranas from my neighborhood and my abuela.

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What’s your creative process when writing?

i write all day, everyday even when I’m not using a pen and paper :) im writing in my head. I write poems and prose so, sometimes when I make a beat, something I already wrote will fit the song but sometimes it’s the other way around. Sometimes instrumentation reminds me of a texture or a image and I’ll just go off that and get inspired by it.


Got any advice for aspiring artists?

Yes, Do YOU. Nobody else can do you. Also, read “how to steal like an artist” and get inspired by things outside of media like nature, friendships, stories and places. Live your life and write about it.

Do you have any exciting news to share :)

New new soon soon