Girl Crush: Isabel Hendrix

We caught up with one of our favorite self love advocates (and total babe), Isabel Hendrix, on the word feminist, hair secrets, advice on how to feel comfortable in your own skin, and her hopes and dreams for the future. 
How did you get into blogging and modeling?
I started a fashion blog after my best friend did! I hadn't always been super into it but when I moved to a new city for the first time blogging helped me feel a bit more connected and like I had something to do (rather than just watching netflix or something like that! hehe). After blogging for a bit I had a really nice community of bloggers/friends who I connected with irl, which is how I got started working for Tunnel Vision (founder Madeline was one of my blogger friends). I began modeling through Tunnel Vision!
What does the word feminist mean to you?
Standing up for all people, believing people are all of equal importance.
Your hair always looks amazing! Any hair secrets?
Awhhh thank you!! I was really lucky in the hair department because my hair is pretty tough, so it's healthy even though I dye it super frequently! Some tips I've learned after years of dying my hair:
1. Leave color dye in longer than the box suggests (I usually let mine sit for 3-4 hrs, some people do it overnight)!
2. Try to not use bleach super frequently, that is what really hurts your hair (I only bleach my hair maybe 2-4 times a year, while I dye my hair 10-18 times a year)
Do you have any advice to girls that are having trouble feeling comfortable in their own skin?
Number 1 piece of advice to feel comfortable in your skin is to surround yourself with people who love you for YOU. Having a supportive community makes feeling good about yourself MUCH easier!!
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I hope that the world gets a little better each year. I like to believe that humanity is good overall, but without having all the information or without having different perspectives we act selfishly and/or cruelly.