Girl Crush: Natasha Lillipore

Artist, muse, and style icon, Natasha Lillipore, stopped by the studio last week to catch up on her latest venture, Rose & Thorn, and shoot some pieces from the Under The Sea Collection. Read on to find out what inspires her, advice she has for aspiring creatives, and what decades she fantasizes about. 
You're a triple threat! Illustrator, designer, and muse. How do you apply these three passions into your work? 
Haha, thank you! I've always enjoying having my hands in every creative avenue that I can, but in the last year I've really started to tie it all together. I used to spend a lot of time on projects that seemed interesting, but I wasn't really passionate about them and they were usually someone else's vision. I found myself being unhappy and I wasn't stoked on the final product so much of the time, so I decided to focus on my own vision and invest my time into growing as an artist. I feel like it's finally starting to come together, but there's still so so much I'd like to accomplish!
How did you start Rose & Thorn? 
I originally had another company called Her Tiny Teeth, where my sister and I made handmade eyewear. Long story short, that wasn't working out and I became disheartened and lost interest, but I still needed to make money. I started selling vintage clothing on the website and that took off pretty quickly. Eventually I changed to name of the company to Rose & Thorn and started focusing on creating my own products using my illustrations. It's still growing and it's definitely a lot of work, but being able to be creative and be my own boss is so rewarding.

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If you could have been apart of any era which would you chose? 
Definitely the late 60's and all of the 70's. Fashion was absolutely incredible and the music from both eras has always inspired me. I've always felt like I was born in the wrong era... But I like to fantasize about who I would have been in a past life during those two decades.
Must have item in your closet this spring?
Hats and patterned socks! I've been collection vintage straw hats all winter and I can't wait to bust them out now that it's getting warm out. I've always hoarded patterned socks and spring is the best time to wear socks and heels.
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You have several tattoos. What's the story behind your last one? Plans on getting more? 
I only have two tattoos that really mean something special to me, which is my Mom tattoo and my boyfriend's name, Javier. Otherwise nothing really has a story or meaning behind it, I just get art that I like and feel a connection with. I'm currently working towards finishing my back and left arm, and then I'd like to get some laser done on my right arm. I'm hoping to remove a tattoo I got when I was 15 so that I can cover it with something different. It's not totally horrible, but it's definitely not something I would ever consider getting now!
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Where do you draw inspiration from? My biggest source of inspiration is being in love. It's hard to explain, but I started seeing things differently when I fell in love. The feeling itself fills me with a drive to create and work harder. I spent most of my teenage years being extremely depressed and the art I created definitely reflected that. Since I entered adulthood and fell in love with Javier, I also learned to love and value myself. We've been together for a little over five years and he still gives me butterflies. We've grown a lot together, as a whole and as individuals and he is a constant source of inspiration in both my art and who I am as a person. 
Any advice for aspiring artists?
Find what you like and push yourself to develop your own style. Educate yourself about techniques and do your research when there's something you'd like to try. Above all, know what it is to have artistic integrity and apply that to everything you do. I think it's so important for people to have integrity in everything that they do. Have fun with creating and don't beat yourself up too much if something doesn't turn out how you'd like it to right away. 
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What's next for you?
I have a couple of big projects I just finished, so I'm very excited to release those soon! I've also been working on a new Wallflower collection, which is my line of hand painted vintage clothing and accessories. I'd also like to start writing a book this year and work in Paris or Japan :)
Photos by Damian Borja 
Hair by Jaime Diaz