Girl Crush: Hana Haley

New york based analogue photographer, Hana Haley, transports you into a nostalgic dream world with a soft romantic pastel color palette. Mysterious and intriguing, her work is filled with emotion and beauty that give off an alluring glow. We caught up with Hana on her creative process, inspiration and other passions. View her latest editorial, all shot on film, featuring pieces from the Femme De Reve Collection.

Describe your style in 3 words. 
Girly, moody, nostalgic. 

Where do you draw inspiration from? Do you have a creative process?
I'm inspired by a multitude of things: clothing, coloring, songs, holidays, movies, the weather... but the most inspiring thing to me is an emotional theme. My creative process begins with this theme and finding a song to set the tone, followed by researching color schemes and making sketches of how I imagine the model posed. Afterwards I love location scouting and putting together hair and makeup. It's like making a mini movie! 

Where do you find your models?
I've never been interested in working with agencies (I find them to be way too impersonal) and prefer to find my models through their instagram pages. I love this method because it really gives me a chance to see what a girl's personal taste is like. Personality  is more important to me than looks. 

Who are your top Girl Crushes?
I am forever crushing on my friends. Shelbie Dimond (who is currently in my bathroom setting her hair in 1940s Veronica Lake waves while I do this interview) is the most emotive photographer I know, Vanessa Villarreal makes the most dreamy lingerie and lets me wear whatever I want, and Spanish baby Berta Pfirsich takes the best diary photos ever. 

Besides photography what are you other passions?
Lately I've been going crazy studying French in my kitchen-- I think foreign languages are magical. I am also obsessed with acting, filmmaking, and traveling all over. I always get a little depressed when I don't have an upcoming trip planned! (Going to go back to Sooß soon and also planning to visit Europe late this year).

What's next for you?
I have a new book coming out in spring, followed by the release of 4 music videos I directed last year. I'm also (for the first time) working on a few photo series that I won't post on the internet but will release in small publications... I'm trying to get my best work off the internet and back into print. I'm feeling really nice about 2016 and can't wait to make more things! 


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