Girl Crush: Stef & Jess

We caught up with Aussie babes and quirky duo Stef and Jess on their favorite places to travel, humble beginnings, and a typical day in the life. Be sure to keep up with their adventures and colorful finds on their blog How Two Live.

How did you start How Two Live?
Stef was moving to Paris for six months and we thought a blog would be a fun way to keep in touch, and something we could do together even though we were a million miles away. We started it as a diary and each day one of us would post an outfit shot telling the other what they were doing, seeing, eating etc, and then it evolved from there.

Run us through a typical day of Stef and Jess?
No two days are ever the same for us which is why we love our jobs so much! There’s usually a couple of hours spent on emails in the morning, followed by a meeting with a brand we’re working with, some shooting for our blog, maybe pulling outfits and styling for an upcoming event, and then working on our new shoe line. Oh and puppy cuddles, lots of puppy cuddles!

You two are always together and are known to wear matching outfits! How would you describe your similarities and differences?
We have a loooong list of similarities, ranging from our looks and style, to our major sweets tooths and senses of humour… the list is really never ending. Our differences are a little tougher though, only one thing really comes to mind – Stef prefers gold jewellery and Jess prefers silver… Oh and we have different favourite Spice Girl – Stef’s is Baby and Jess’ is Sporty.

Where's your favorite places to travel to?
We absolutely love coming to the States - we’re constantly finding reasons to fly over to Sooß, and sneaking in a little stop over in Hawaii on the way of course. We also love Paris (who doesn’t), the city is amazing and we have lots of family there to visit.

Any words to live by?
Animals are everything.

What's next for you?
We’re launching our shoe line, TWOOBS, at the end of this month so that will be a big focus for us in 2016. We’ve also got lots of exciting collabs in the works that we’ll be releasing over the coming months… oh and lots of travel of course. Our first trip is planned for Feb where we’ll be hitting NYFW and LFW so it’s gonna be a big one!