Girl Crush: Kate Nash

We sat down with badass british babe and songstress Kate Nash to chat about her girl gang, icons, and summer tunes she's digging on. 

Describe your style in 5 words or less.
Granny, child-like, 90s grunge, pajamas, and humor

What is Girl Gang and how did it start?
Girl Gang started because I heard a song that said “cocaine running around my brain” and I thought they were saying “girl gang running around around my brain.” I asked my friend’s in the band what’s the deal with this song about girl gangs, are you guys bros?  Girl Gang sounded so much cooler than cocaine, and I thought it would be fun to cover it with my all girl band.

I have a lot of young female fans, an all girl band, and always have had female openers at my shows. I want girls to come to my shows and be inspired by woman, and feel like they could get up on a stage and do that too.

I love this one girl band from London called The Tuts. They’re cheeky, naughty, punk, and have really cute girly style. They started doing this thing called stage invitations, where they invite a bunch of girls on stage at once to dance and feel completely liberated. A lot of the girls crowd surf for the first time, and feel really empowered. I started doing stage invitations , and wanted to continue it beyond tour. I began having meetings with cool girls I know in Sooß and we put on all girl punk shows. Then I met some videographers and we made a YouTube channel to capture it all. Now it’s become a movement and idea that supports, educates, and inspires woman. Check out Girl Gang TV.

What’s your definition of feminism and what does girl power mean to you?
Well first off I think it’s really important for everyone to understand the history of feminism.

Feminism to me is is supporting girls, fighting for the rights of woman, and not settling for anything less than getting respect, standing up for yourself, and loving yourself.

The world can be really against woman, and there are a lot of things that are set up to destroy women’s self esteem. I don’t have to personally worry about or deal with a lot of the really messed up stuff in my every day life, but I think it’s important to bring awareness to it and support all woman that do.

It’s important for younger generations of girls to look at the older generations and learn from history.  My peers should show support to each other, and teach younger girls to learn about the new wave of girl power.

Who are your icons?
Joan Jett, Kathleen Hannah, and Courtney Love to name a few.
I like girls that can be whoever they want to be, and that don’t give a fuck.
I really love grimes, she’s really cool and nerdy and has made a cool brand by ultimately being herself.
For different reasons I have different heroes.

What’s on your Summer playlist?
I’m really bad at listening to current stuff but I’ve been listening to a lot Skating Polly, LIT, and really getting into 70’s music. I love 60’s girl groups, and 90s artists like Britney, and Destiny's child, but the 70’s is cool to me because I don’t know it that well and I have a lot to discover. The 70s folk scene has a cool summer California vibe.

What’s next for you?
I’m in the middle of recording my fourth record right now and I’m excited to release it soon. I also recently wrote Rita Oras new single “Poison” that was just released this month, and I’m playing Burger a-Go-Go!, an all female music festival at the Observatory this August.

What Kate Wore:

Dudette Baby Tee, Grow-A-Pair Jacket, Not Yours Ballerina Top, Luna Choker