Take A Chill Pill- 5 Ways To Chill Out

We all have hectic lives, sometimes we tend to go too fast and don’t have a chance to chill out. Here are 5 simple steps you could do to calm yourself down when you're on the verge of a mental breakdown. 

1. Breathe!

Although this step sounds obvious, sometimes when we are overwhelmed we forget to take a normal breath! Focus on your breathing and count to three to calm yourself, rest assured no harm will come to your work by taking a few moments to breathe.

2. Write it down!

Take a moment to collect your thoughts and list all the things that are making your world feel upside down. By listing all the duties you need to do it will be easier to take them on instead of relying on your pretty head to sort everything out. And while you’re at it, write down the solution to each task! By writing down the task itself and the solution, you will have a guide to divide and conquer.

3. Get silly!

Yes, get silly or get loose and give your mind a break! Play with you makeup and put on a fun lipstick, or blast your favorite song and give yourself a moment to unwind! Sometime we just need to look badass and dance to have a moment of clarity,and that’s ok!

4. Clean up!

When your work space is a mess it usually means you’re a mess! Give some TLC to yourself and get organized. Take a shower and clean your desk, by getting organized you will have more relief and become better aware of all the responsibilities you’ll need to get done!

5. Take a Chill Pill!

Now if you are still running around it’s time for you to take a chill pill! Pick up our new Chill Pill Case on the site now and have a constant reminder with you to always chill out and enjoy the day!