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2014 Wedding Dress Trends

by admin on July 20, 2014, no comments

Searching for the right wedding dress can be a major challenge for some brides but with the right tools in hand and knowledge of the current trends, finding that right dress can be much less stressful than anticipated. Nowadays it is no longer required that the bride do the traditional. Kudos to those who step out of the box and wear something unique.

The wedding dresses designed for 2014 are a bit similar to the ones for spring but there are differences which will make any bride excited. Statement backs, asymmetrical skirts, lace and rich embroidery are trendy for the rest of this year. Also in are the shorter dresses and detachable trains. White is still the traditional color but for the fall pink is in! Outlined below are some of the popular trends for 2014 according to Mrs. Trucco a Columbus bridal shop owner.

The first that can be highlighted is the mermaid silhouette. It is a traditional look that has stayed the course of fashion throughout the years. Fashion forward brides can wear a full mermaid skirt with a strapless dress.

mermaid wedding dress

A wedding dress is nothing without accessories and bows and sashes are in for the fall. Any one of these accessories can be used to add a dash of color to a white bridal gown or can help define the waist as well. Bejeweled belts that add that dash of sparkle are also an option for the fall bride.


Another big style trend for the fall is the off the shoulder wedding dress. It is the mix between the strapless dress and the short sleeved dress and is a great option for those who are not brave enough to go fully strapless but want to have that edge on their wedding day. 


For 2014 another trend in the bridal dress world is the knee length wedding dress. The various fashion houses had quite a few lovely options on display. If it is not a preferred option for the bride on her wedding day, one of these dresses can serve as a honeymoon dress, engagement party or wedding rehearsal dress or even be worn to the wedding shower. The options are seemingly endless. It is all dependent on the bride’s style.

For the fashion forward bride there is a selection of crop to wedding dresses. The standard ball gown was redesigned to show a bit of midriff. They can be found in many colors including the color of the season…pink!


For the bride that wants to look stunning from all sides there are the wedding dresses with intricate detailing at the back in addition to having a sexy twist. It is much more than the traditional V-back, flowers and bows that are being used as lace, detailed embellishments, tulle, sparkles and defining lines have been incorporated into the 2014 wedding dress making them even more feminine and chic.

Bear in mind that the modern bride is one who will opt for a dress that is not only trendy and fashion forward but one which looks great in photographs years after the wedding. Finding the right wedding dress is a joyful and fun experience and hopefully this guide has helped inspire you.

Which one of these trends is your favorite? Comment below and let me know

How to Get Beautiful Wedding Flowers For Your Special Day

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There are a number of daunting tasks when it comes to planning a wedding. The most important is picking the right groom, then finding the right venue for your wedding and the perfect dress for the big day. After you have done all that, it is time for you to start thinking about the final touches you can apply to make this day a memorable day.

Flowers play a very huge part in making your wedding a unique day to remember, from the table arrangement to your bouquet, there are many other decisions that you will be required to make. The flowers need to suit the wedding style or theme, the venue and the wedding couple.

Flowers make up almost 10% of the total wedding cost. However for those couples who love flowers and would like to see them everywhere, then they may be required to spend even more. Before visiting the florist you should make a list of the things that you require and try making a sensible budget.

wedding flowers bend Oregon


1. Ask around

When it comes to our first wedding arrangements, we are all amateurs. Therefore choosing a respectable and a renown florist can be a very a hard task. So how do we find a respectable florist? Picking names from the yellow pages is absurd and reading internet reviews is nowadays unreliable.

Therefore asking around is very important when it comes to finding the right florist. Friends and family who have gone through the nightmare of wedding planning are delighted to give you information on their wedding florist, whether he wilted under pressure or blossomed and rose to the occasion. Those tips should not go to waste.

Advice from wedding venue managers is also a very reliable source of information as they have seen countless weddings and met countless florists.

2. Consider the budget

Choosing a florist who will work with your budget is very important. It is important that you and the florist both feel comfortable to avoid any headaches. If the florist knows your budget on flowers, he or she can be realistic while making plans to accomplish the arrangement. There is no need to overspend just because your florist says so. Find the florist that is willing to work with your budget since knowing the amount of money you are willing to spend is vital in any wedding plan.

3. Knowing the kind of extras that you require

When choosing a florist, it is important to know what kind of extras you will need. Find a florist who is able to get most things done in a single place. Apart from the regular bride’s bouquet and trappings of center pieces, there are other ways that your florist can spice up your event, for instance, small floral arrangements, corsages for the guest of honor and petals for the send off among many other extras.

A good florist will not stop at flowers, the right furniture, candles, tableware and ornaments have to also make a beautiful singular impression with the wedding.

4. Choose between a florist and a floral designer

A florist will make an expert flower arrangement for the wedding. However there are other options rather than going straight to the flowers arrangements first.

Floral designers, though more expensive, are a great choice for the couple, because they are artists. Their services don’t end with flower arrangements. Floral designers can make your wedding a work of art.

5. Envision your wedding

Collect pictures of wedding flowers and create a vivid image of what you want the wedding to look like. However, you need to choose a wedding florist who will agree with your image although he may make a few alterations but will still retain that same image of your wedding dream. The more information you give your florist the better chance of him having a lot of things to work with in making this day a memorable day.

What should I bring to the flower shop when I have my wedding consultation?

Providing your wedding florist with a lot of information will give him a chance to offer suggestions. The florist wants to create a memorable event for the couple therefore anything you can bring can be beneficial. For instance:

· A collection of pictures of what you have in mind for the wedding.

· A photo of the dress, sample of the lace or fabric, if you have it and the photos of the bridesmaid wedding dresses.

· Offer the suggestion of the wedding style that you have in mind. If you don’t have any the florist may give you one.

· Have your budget ready for the florist of what amount you are willing and able to spend on the flowers.

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What you need to know about renting photo booths

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Photo booths are a great way to add some spice to your upcoming wedding or event, but not all photo booths are created equal. Most photo booths are large and bulky and produce poor quality images. Ben & Les Hartley noticed the lack of quality in the photo booth industry and decided to change things by forming their newest Columbus Ohio Photo Booth Rental company. InstaStyle photo booths feature professional DSLR cameras and studio lighting that combine to deliver beautiful images. Every booth comes with a responsive touch screen interface that is easy for guests to navigate and also includes HD video support.

Columbus Ohio Photo Booth Rental

Check out more gorgeous examples of their premium photo booths at

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer In New York or New Jersey

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Good photography is the key to a wedding’s memories and the right picture can instantly take you back to one of the most important days of your life. However, capturing great photos starts with choosing a professional and experienced wedding photographer in Bergen County.

How to choose the right wedding photographer in Tri-State Area:

1. Get referrals

Good wedding photographers typically have a reputation of consistency and success, and are therefore relatively well known.Start your search by getting recommendations from friends, family or colleagues who have held (or even attended) weddings in the recent times. Ask them about their experience with the photographer. This will help you make an informed decision regarding your choice of photographer.

2. Look at photo samples

Once you a list of wedding photographers, check their sites to begin cutting down your list. View samples of their previous work and look carefully at how they perform in a variety of settings. Be sure to pick a photographer who’s strong at filming in the kind of environment where your wedding will be held.

Be sure to check out Rick Helman Photography and Video for your wedding photography needs. Rick Helman operates wedding photography services in Westchester County, Bergen County, Essex County, and Rockland County.

Amazing Columbus Wedding Photographers

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I came across these two Columbus wedding photographers on Pinterest, and wow was I impressed.  Every single one of their photos looks like it was torn out of a magazine.  I stalked their Facebook page for way longer than would be considered normal and found this recent wedding photograph.  This is my favorite, but their entire blog is a goldmine.

Their creative use of light is what intrigues me the most.  I especially like the use of tilt shift in their photographs, which is something you don’t see a lot of wedding photographers include as part of their arsenal.

I think Ben & Les are my new favorites. Check out more of their amazing work at

columbus wedding photographers

What Makes a Great Wedding Photographer?

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What are the characteristics that separate a good wedding photographer, from a great one?  When you scroll through the galleries of what are some common themes of the photographs featured there? After carefully analyzing and critiquing the work of hundreds of the best wedding photos – I’ve narrowed it down to two main things that separate the good from the great.


How the photographer frames the shot is perhaps the single most influential factor in great photography. Notice in the below example the use of framing to create a much more interesting composition.


This is the main differentiator between the most elite wedding photographers.  The top wedding photographers know how to mold light in the most creative ways.  Knowing how to properly light a wedding and reception is something that only comes with experience, but once you master this skill you’ll be in a league of your own. For great examples on how to use light to make your wedding day pictures more beautiful check out Zack and Jodys blog

wedding photographer lighting

Watch this video to learn how a top tier wedding photographer thinks about composition and lighting.

Wikipedia has a great list of wedding photography organizations that you can look through to get more examples.